About us

Our main purpose is to revive a craftsmanship that is dying in Egypt and to provide the Egyptian and the global market with a high quality suits at a decent price with the possibility to customize & tailor any design that comes to your mind.

We in parallel work teaching the new generations and passing the knowledge and science of the traditional craftsmanship of shoe making to them on the hands of the few professional crafters remain in Egypt in order to bring this beautiful craftsmanship again to live.

“El Tarzy” is the first High-end Men and Women line for customized & tailored suits in Egypt & our unique customization process allows you to choose the exact customizations you want for your suit. From buttons and vents to pockets and lapels, you say how you want it and that’s how we will build it!


Our strategy is There are no short cuts when it comes to making quality tailored, Well-made suits. Anyone who wants to look good knows how FIT means everything.

Fit is the key to showing off your body in the most flattering way and that’s what we are really caring about when it comes to tailoring your suit with the highest quality of English fabrics.