The British or The English Suit

1) The Jacket :
The structure is emphasized by defined shoulders, which also feature thick shoulder pads. The canvas is stiff, thus giving the jacket a very controlled look as opposed to a lighter canvas that would follow the natural curves of the body.
The fit is tailored to be close to the body, with close fitting sleeves ending with the so-called surgeon’s cuffs and a high armhole.
The front of the jacket is adorned with a low type of gorge lines and ticket pockets & The garment comes in heavy cloth.
2) The Pants :
if we had to describe the pant of British suit with one word, that word would be indeed abundance.
We’re looking at a garment cut out of a generous amount of fabric. Two elements are really iconic of the suit: high waist and up to 3 pleats, which is a fold created by doubling fabric on itself and securing it in place.