Italian Suit

1) La Giacca – The Jacket :

The garment, in fact, looks light, feels light, and wears light. It is short and fits tight and close to the body. The canvas is also very light. The jacket is considerably less structured compared to the British one, and as a result of that, the cloth follows one’s natural curves.

The shoulders are lightly padded, and the overall padding is significantly reduced.  The front of the jacket shows a V-shape, tight at the waist.

The jacket comes single-breasted, and also features high gorge lines, flap-less pockets and high buttons.


2) I Pantaloni – The Pants :

We’re looking at pants with a tapered waist, which fit really tight to the hips. It ends with one break, in the most traditional design. Nowadays, no-break type of pants is also common in the Italian style.