Oct 2019

Towards the start of the Victorian period, the frock coat, initially
not just black, became popular, and quickly became the
standard daily clothing for gentlemen. From the middle of the
19th century, a new (then informal) coat, the morning coat,
became acceptable.
It was a less formal garment, with a cut away front, making it
suitable for wearing while riding.

Towards the end of the 19th century, the
modern lounge suit was born as a very
informal garment meant only to be worn
for sports, in the country, or at the seaside.
Parallel to this, the dinner jacket was
invented and came to be worn for
informal evening events. It was descended
from white tie (the dress code associated
with the evening tailcoat) but quickly
became a full new garment, the dinner
jacket, with a new dress code, initially
known as ‘dress lounge’ and later black tie.
When it was imported to the United States,
it became known as the tuxedo.